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Crop Circles (Pentagram Papers 21) GLICKMAN Michael

Crop Circles (Pentagram Papers 21)

Published: London, Pentagram
Date: nd. c.1992
Description: 36pp, numerous bw photographs and plans. 21x15, black card wraps, black dw. Very good.
Notes: Published by this well known practice, originally directed by Theo Crosby, the aim of the Papers was to "publish examples of curious, entertaining, stimulating, provocative and occasionally controversial points of view that have come to the attention of........Pentagram." Glickman was fascinated by the precision and artistry of the crop circle phenomenon that spread across the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s. While still professing bafflement at how they appeared - a rope, a plank of wood and some knowledge of geometry will do it - Glickman's study is still an interesting study of one of the most visible of art forms.
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Price: £20.00